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Wills & powers of attorney Parrott & Coales, Family Solicitors in Aylesbury.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

These days we can all look forward to much longer life expectancy. But this can mean that we need to think more carefully about what will happen to us, in very old age, and the implications for our loved ones. Making plans now will give you peace of mind as you grow older, whatever happens to your health.

It may be difficult now to conceive of a situation where you are not able to make decisions about your own life, but it is important to make sure that there are people you trust who will be able to make those decisions for you. This is where Powers of Attorney can be so useful – because you make a decision now, to protect yourself in the future.

And because you are likely to live much longer, that means your loved ones are likely to be much older when they do inherit your estate. This will make a big difference to their needs, and makes it all the more important that you plan your will carefully.

Parrott & Coales’ Powers of Attorney specialists can also organise other specialist Powers of Attorney for you, for example if you need to act for somebody living abroad.

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