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fixed fee divorce solicitors aylesbury bucks shareholder disputes

Shareholder Disputes

At Parrott & Coales, we have many years’ experience of resolving shareholder disputes, often without the need for a costly and time-consuming Court case. We can advise you on the practical steps that you might take to solve a problem and minimise its effect on your business.

Shareholder disputes can arise for a number of reasons. Sometimes they can be caused by a personality clash (especially in a family-run business); one shareholder may feel that board directors are performing badly or not paying fair dividends; or that there has been a conflict of interest.

Whatever the issue, it is vitally important that you seek our professional advice quickly, before matters escalate, so that we can help you minimise the risks to your business and its reputation.

If you a shareholder and/or director, our experienced team can advise you on:

  • Bringing in an external mediator especially when personal relationships have broken down
  • Derivative claims (where an outside party makes a claim against a director of your company)
  • ‘Unfair prejudice’ claims brought by minority shareholders who feel they have been badly treated
  • Buy-backs (when the company buys an aggrieved shareholder’s shares at a fair price)
  • Negotiating agreements between shareholders eg over company governance or dividend payments

It always pays to anticipate disputes before they arise. Please ask us about drawing up a Shareholders’ Agreement or Company Articles for your business.

Remember, the longer you delay asking us for professional legal advice, the more time and money you could spend resolving your problem.

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