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Mediation in divorce Parrott & Coales, Solicitors in Aylesbury.

Mediation in divorce

Mediation is available to assist in resolving disputes concerning children and finances arising out of the breakdown of a relationship. Mediation in divorce can assist in helping the parties to reach an agreement without having to go through contested court proceedings. This has the obvious benefits of reducing the stress involved in the breakdown of a relationship, it removes the uncertainty of going through the Court process and usually the likely costs will be significantly less.

We can assist in referring you to an appropriate mediation provider and provide assistance and advice to you during the mediation process. It is important to remember that the mediator is a neutral third party who cannot give legal advice. Their role is to assist the parties in trying to reach an agreement. It is therefore important that you continue to have ongoing legal advice throughout the mediation in divorce process.

How to fund advice with mediation:

Legal aid

If you qualify financially then legal aid is available so that we can give you advice and assistance during the mediation process. This is known as Help with Mediation and it can include all steps necessary to prepare a binding agreement at the conclusion of mediation.

If mediation does not succeed then Legal aid will not be available for you to take the matter to Court.

As a firm we do not offer Legal Aid.

Private funding

If Legal aid is not available then we can still offer you advice and assistance during the mediation process. This would be charged on a time spent basis meaning that the client will be charged depending on the amount of work undertaken to deal with the specific case.

The solicitor dealing with the matter will be able to advise on the estimated cost of such advice and assistance based upon the anticipated amount of work required in each particular case.

What our clients say:

Helpful advice given in a friendly manner.