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Landlord and Tenant Act Renewal Parrott & Coales, Aylesbury

Landlord and Tenant Act Renewal

The Landlord and Tenant Act Renewal of 1954 was put in place to govern the rights and obligations of both the landlord and the tenant of premises. The act confers protection often known as ‘security of tenure’.

The act has two basic elements to it:

Statutory Continuation

This applies only if the tenant remains in occupation. The expiry date of tenancy listed on your contract does not automatically terminate when reached, instead it continues on pretty much the same terms until the tenancy contract is either renewed or terminated if both parties are in agreement.

Right of Renew

This is when a new lease cannot be agreed between both the tenant and the landlord; either can apply to court to determine the terms. Renewals can be differentiated depending on the conditions of the situation. Opposed renewals are common, this situation arises when the landlord opposes renewal, if you are a landlord and feel like you are in a similar situation, our lawyers here at Parrott & Coales have the appropriate expertise to help you to resolve your problem.

On the other hand, an unopposed renewal is when the landlord agrees to the terms of the new lease. It can also happen that even when lease renewals are agreed to, disputes may arise when the terms cannot be agreed on between the Landlord and Tenant. In this situation you will need sound and reliable advice and support to help you through the process; Parrott & Coales are here to do that for you!

As a landlord, there are endless difficult and sensitive situations you can be stuck in with no idea on how to resolve them. It could be that you are facing contract disputes with your tenant, or that you want to oppose a renewal with the intentions of obtaining possession, or it could even be something as simple as your tenant being late on rental payments. Whatever the situation is that you may be facing, Parrott & Coales have all the required knowledge to guide you through the process, making it as timely and stress free as possible for you!

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