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When a lease finishes, you ideally want the transition to the next tenant to go as smoothly as possible; this applies to both landlords and tenants alike.

Landlords naturally hope to take their property back in good condition so they can re-let or sell it, and tenants are equally keen to move on with the minimum of fuss.

Dilapidations charges may be levied by landlords when the property is returned in a worse condition than when it was let. Although generally dilapidations costs are agreed amicably, this is not always the case.

Some unscrupulous landlords may try to inflate their claim for dilapidations against tenants, while many tenants will also try to reduce their end-of-lease liabilities.

At Parrott & Coales, we can advise on both residential and commercial leases. We have a team of approachable and experienced property lawyers who are familiar with all aspects of ‘Dilapidations Protocol’ and dispute resolution. We can advise you on your rights and obligations as landlord and tenant and will do all we can to reduce the chances of litigation.

Our expertise in dispute resolution

Our experts will help you:

  • Obtain up to date legal advice at an early stage
  • Understand the terms of your lease and its covenants (binding agreements)
  • Keep claims realistic
  • Follow the Pre-Action Protocol for damages (as set out by the Property Litigation Association)
  • Put a cap on any claims

Drawing up a lease that will minimise disputes subsequently

Remember, most claims for dilapidations arise at the expiry of the lease, which is why it is so important to take professional legal advice before you sign a lease – whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

A professionally written lease is particularly important if the building is a commercial property (for example a single unit within a warehouse or one floor within a large office building). We can help you prepare a detailed schedule of condition (with repairing covenant) at commencement, to minimise problems later on.

Contact our specialists Sarah Plumridge or Tim Friedlander today on 01296 318 500.

What our clients say:

Helpful advice given in a friendly manner.

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