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Debt Recovery Solutions

Collecting what is owed to your business quickly and efficiently is critical and, by seeking advice and taking action early on, you stand the best chance of recovering your money. At Parrott & Coales, our debt recovery specialist, Albert Bargery, is on hand to help you.

Parrott & Coales provide a reliable, efficient & cost effective service to help you recover your bad debts; this is why so many local businesses rely on us as an intrinsic part of their credit control procedure.

Our many satisfied clients confirm that instructing us is usually far more effective than putting this work in the hands of impersonal debt collection agencies or choosing the factoring route of debt collection.

Our charges for sending a 7 day letter before action start at £45 +VAT or 1.5% +VAT of the amount recovered.

For further advice please contact Albert Bargery.

What our clients say:

A local firm we feel we can trust, please keep going, Aylesbury would not be the same without you.