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Civil Partnership Advice Parrott & Coales, Solicitors in Aylesbury.

Civil Partnerships

The Law on Civil Partnerships:

A Civil Partnership gives same-sex couples rights and responsibilities very similar to those of married couples. Civil Partners are entitled to many of the rights and responsibility as married opposite-sex couples, including but not limited to, the same property rights and inheritance tax exemptions and also the ability to get parental responsibility for a partner’s children.

The law relating to Civil Partnership is outlined in The Civil Partnership Act 2004 and this is the legislation referred to when Civil Partners wish to dissolve and bring their civil partnership union to an end.

Fixed Fee Civil Partnership Dissolution


The fixed fee costs for a Petitioner (the person seeking to commence proceedings) in the Application for a Civil Partnership Dissolution is £495.00 inclusive of VAT. This fee includes all work undertaken up to, and including, obtaining the Final Order for Dissolution.


The fixed fee costs for a Respondent (the person whom the Petitioner wants to dissolve the civil partnership with) in the Application for a Civil Partnership Dissolution is £350.00 inclusive of VAT. This fee includes all work undertaken up to, and including, your Civil Partner obtaining the Final Order for Dissolution. It does not cover the fee for the Respondent making the application for the final order for dissolution.

Court Fees

Court fees are payable in addition to the fixed fee and include;

Fee for Issuing the Petition for Dissolution = £340.00
Fee for the Application for the Final Order of Dissolution = £45.00

When are the costs payable?

Half of the fixed fee is payable at the initial meeting with us. For a Petitioner, the second half of the fixed fee is payable when the Petition for Dissolution is lodged at Court and for a Respondent, when the Acknowledgement of Service is filed at Court. Any additional Court fees will be requested when necessary.
Additional Costs

In some cases, the following additional fees may apply:

  • A fee for obtaining a Civil Partnership Certificate (if you do not have your original certificate) – £9.00
  • Translation of foreign Marriage Certificate (quotation can be advised)
  • A fee for instructing an Enquiry Agent if your Civil Partner does not return an Acknowledgement of Service form to the Court (quotation can be advised)

What work is not included?

If a matter becomes more complex, namely, if a Civil Partner defends the Petition for Dissolution or lodges a Cross Petition for Dissolution, costs with be discussed further at this stage.

Alternatively, if a Civil Partner does not file an Acknowledgment of Service and personal service of the Petition for Dissolution is required the cost of instructing a Process Server will need to be discussed further.

In cases where a Petition for Dissolution needs to be amended after it has been issued by the Court then there will be an additional Court Fee of £90.00 plus a cost for the time spent amending the Petition for Dissolution.

The Fixed Fee does not cover any advice or proceedings relating to property, finances, children, or a dissolution where any party lives abroad. However, an estimate of costs for this type of work can be given should it be required.

What happens if the Dissolution of Civil Partnership does not proceed?

A Dissolution of a Civil Partnership may not proceed for a number of reasons, most commonly where the parties decide to reconcile their relationship. If for any reason the Petition for Dissolution does not proceed, then the charge will be calculated on an hourly rate basis up to the value of the Fixed Fee (currently this firm’s hourly rates are from £120.00 to £225.00 plus VAT).

What our clients say:

We are totally pleased about the manner in which we were received and dealt with.